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Topuz Law firm is dedicated to working with clients to help them achieve their business goals and overcome legal challenges anywhere in the world.

From a global partnership of offices in the world's major financial, business and regulatory centers, the firm's lawyers help clients succeed.

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بيع و شراء و استئجار العقارات في تركيا
نضمن حقوقكم القانونيه في شراء واستئجار العقارات
عقود حمايه قانونيه لسنه او ٦ ا شهر
تامين رخصات للشركات و المعامل والمحالات وتامين بطاقات طيارة لكل انحاء العالم
تامين اقامات 
استشارات قانونية ،استيراد، تصدير
تسجيل شركات
زواج ، طلاق
نساعدك في القضايا القانونية ٫شرطة٫محاكم

Our Managing Directors

At our office

Umut Tamer Topuz

Managing Partner

Umut Tamer Topuz is the Managing Partner of Topuz Law Firm. His main areas of practice are immigration and administrative law .

Topuz has extensive experience in Turkish court proceedings, as well as European legislation and procedures at the European Court of Human Rights.

Our social media manager

River Watts

Marketing Consultant

After a thriving career in many different businesses, Topuz Law Firm was pleased to welcome River Watts to the team. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, they’ve helped to make us what we are today.